Be Bold: Color With all the Crayons

Box of crayons with a child colouring in the background

Be Bold: Color With all the Crayons

I once received a birthday card that said, “It’s your birthday, use the big box of crayons.” Today I wonder, why we only get to use the big box of crayons on our birthdays. To live each day to the fullest means “Playing Big” every day, to quote Tara Morh’s book by the same title. A book I highly recommend by the way.

Sometimes life doesn’t give you a giant box of pristine crayons to create your masterpiece, like the crayons in this picture. Growing up, my two brothers and I shared the big box of Crayola© crayons. The actual Crayola box had long since been shredded so we kept the crayons in a pencil box. Inside, crayons were broken in pieces, missing their wrappers and generally looking disheveled. Regardless of the state of the crayons, my artistically inclined mother encouraged my brothers and me to create art. And so we did.

The colors danced across our newsprint paper pads just as vibrantly as brand new crayons. Like the much-loved “Velveteen Rabbit,” I rather think our crayons appreciated living out their life’s purpose to their fullest. We used Midnight Blue and its brothers and sisters right down to the last nubbin.

So where am I going with all this? My question to you is what bold strokes have you been waiting for just the right moment to color your life with? Have you been saving your boldest colors? Guess what – that moment is now! Life will never be perfect – a lesson I’m still learning. Start where you are now, in whatever condition or circumstances you face today. Please join me. Let’s create tomorrow using all the crayons in the big box.






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