Shedding Season

Cherry blossoms

Shedding Season

While walking my dog recently, tufts of her fluffy fur caught in the wind and swirled away into the open air. I thought how fitting that spring is shedding season not just for dogs and other furry animals but also for us humans.

Wonderous Spring! What better time of year to cast off parts of our lives, our work, our mindsets or even jeans in our closets that we don’t need anymore.

As cold winter weather struggles to give way to new spring blooms, we are reminded that this is a season of growth. Growth comes through change. Change whether in our careers, our relationships or our goals, means letting go of old patterns, places and attitudes, while simultaneously starting new habits, testing out new ways of thinking and stretching our wings (and minds) in new directions.

Shedding, like other transformations including innovation or regeneration, often creates a zigzag path that doesn’t follow a linear path forward. We clear something off our to-do list or project parking lot only to find it reappearing a week later, requiring yet more attention when we thought we were done with it. We tell ourselves we won’t let a friend or coworker’s criticism bother us anymore only to encounter a particularly stinging comment the next time we talk to them. We start a new exercise program or healthy eating habits and then get the flu or find ourselves entertaining unexpected guests. Like the push-pull of spring’s chaotic weather patterns, shedding old ways and establishing new ones, whether at work, school or with our health requires constant recommitment. That’s OK – that’s life. Just keep recommitting to yourself, to your plan.

What habits do you want to dig up and cast on the compost pile to make room for new growth in your career, relationships, finances, or lifestyle? Let’s shed our weighty winter wraps together, just like our furry friends.